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Monitor Archive for May 24, 1993

An Invitation to Vast Spaces, Inner Recesses
Ukrainian Government-Parliament Row Mirrors Russia's
New US Partnership With the Japanese
The Reverie of a Gardener In Springtime Belfast
Two Americans Amid An African Tribe
US Airlines Press Into Latin America
US Plan Would Force Japan to Cut Trade Surplus by Half
States Have Bills of Rights, Too
UN Considers Bosnia Steps To Carry Out Allied Policy
One Oklahoma Lawmaker Backs Energy Tax
Tighter Controls Needed On Spread of Land Mines
US Should Not Snub Pakistan
Venezuela's Leader Steps Down After Court's Indictment
Wisconsin - America's Dairyland No Longer
`Fair' and `Shared'
Eritrea's Women Fighters Face Difficult Transition

Retailers Skittish Over Consumer Spending
Cultural Confusion Sends China Back to Confucius
Clinton Tax Increases Jeopardize Budget Plan
Modern Rivalry Separates Heirs Of Ancient Sage
Live War Mines Around the World
Yugoslav Army Brass Challenges Milosevic
Our Guide
Help For Kids While Mom's in Jail
Budget Vote Will Be Test For Clinton
Save Land to Protect Biological Diversity
Wisdom in stockpiling?
Competing Compromises on Gays in Military
Rules Are Rules, Australia Tells Northwest Airlines
Ueberroth Resigns From Rebuild L.A.
Clinton in New Hampshire - `Not a Person to Waste'
Travel Office Flap Worsens Clinton's Press Relations
Save Land to Protect Biological Diversity
Women Inmates Build New Lives
Sorting the US Trash Pile
Ullmann Makes Directing Debut