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Monitor Archive for May 20, 1993

Tips for Learning Color Intuition
A Need for `Maintenance'
Spiritual Promptness
Elevating the Ordinary
The European Slow Boat
Laredo Thrives on Mexico Trade

Sumptuous Layerings of Lines
South Africa's Journalists Will Face New Challenges
Supercomputers Take Aim At Broader Business Markets
China Still Exports Prison-Made Goods
Prison Survey Signals Role Of Drug Crime
Declare and Enforce `Safe Havens' in Bosnia
The Risky Existence of an Egyptian Extremist
The Customer Is Always Writing
The Land and People Of America's Outback
Gays compromise offered
Polls Show Growth In Religious Belief
Elevating the Ordinary
Reform's Slow Pace Ruffles Ukraine Economy
Behind the Funding Crisis Facing US Public Schools
NAFTA Seen as Key To Regional Growth, Democratic Gains
New Deal-Era Rural Utility Subsidies Coming Under Fire
A Feel for LOCALE
When Subtle Outweighs Strident
A Case for Family Court
Energy-Tax Proposals Put Squeeze on OPEC Profits
Clinton Zeroes In on Reviving California's Sagging Economy
Elevating the Ordinary
After Danes Say `Yes' Britain Likely To Back Euro-Unity Treaty
Elevating the Ordinary
Danish `Yes' Unblocks EC Unity, but That's About All
Russia's Baltic Foothold Looks West for Investors
Bosnia Mediators Press On But Serb Holds Plan's Key
Superb French Fare Without Pretense