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Monitor Archive for May 18, 1993

CIA Finds That End of Cold War Means Doing More With Less
An Argument for Peace At Serbian Checkpoint
United Way Hit by Weak Economy, Old Scandal, and Competition
`Spider Woman' Juxtaposes Music and Misery
Working-Class City Confronts Culture Shock Of Immigrant Concentration
A Bigger Bank of America Learns to Be Lighter on Its Feet
Markets Eye Inflation More Than Bosnia
Sugar, Dairy Quotas Raise Aussie Doubts Over US `Free Trade'
Max's Midnight Adventures
Massachusetts United Way Must Cut Staff
Clinton Needs Course Correction
When You're Afraid
The Asparagus Wore Sneakers
OAS Team Tries to Stem Tide of Haitian Abuses
`Free Trade' Brings High Tax
An Alternative to Managed Care
Grand Finale Now a Must For a Popular TV Series

For Children: Old Dreams, New Financial Education
Great Plains Initiative's Twin Goals Aim at Regional Survival Strategies
Clinton's Staff of `Pups' Is Not Exceptionally Young, But Many Lack Experience
Search for Truth in Texas
NCAA's Leadership Changes

The Single-Payer Plan
A Troubled Energy Source
Space-Program Overhaul
Author Fails to Tell All In Her Bare-Bones Bio
Peru's President Faces Challenge On Rights Abuses
Lawmakers Urge Tougher Rules On Sale, Promotion of Tobacco
Generosity of `Big-Hearted' Danes Is Tested by Influx of Refugees
Clinton Stumps Out of Beltway For Fiscal Plan
`Lost in Yonkers' Comes to Film, and Loses Its Bearings