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Monitor Archive for May 12, 1993

Failing With Stick, US Tries Tact In Urging Ukraine to Cut Nukes
Guatemalan Media, Government Share Tentative Truce
Yugoslav War Spoils Economy in Republic of Macedonia
British Newspaper `Heavies' Gain
Thatched and Surrounded by Blossoms
Paradox in Universe's Age
Amid Slump, Germans Learn Hard Lessons
The Mission of International Broadcasting
Decoding Clutter's Larger Universe
Packwood Case Raises New Issue: Is Honesty Required of Politicians?
L.A. Has Second Thoughts On Year-Round School, But Idea Gains in Nation
The US Holocaust Memorial Museum
UN, West Resort To Patience In Bosnia Crisis
The influence of TV
Black Parents' Mixed Signals On Education
A Diplomatic Fire Wall Needed in Macedonia
New Jersey Quietly Slices Out High-Tech Base in its Heartland
Israel and Syria Search for Peace
The Mission of International Broadcasting
Paraguayan Democracy Evolves With Elections
Poetry in motion
There They Go Again
Swedes Seek Answers Before Opting for EC
World Looks to Actions by Clinton For Help in Economic Rebound
Princeton Charm Unfazed by Time or Tourists
Paraguay's First Steps
Disk Advances Open Unlimited Horizons
The Garden State Has a Rich Heritage And Natural Beauty
Ending the Strife In East Timor
Cannes Film Festival Forecast
UN Sanctions on Yugoslavia Trip Up Its Relief Efforts
The Battle Over Student Loans
Drama and Intrigue In Emerging Japan
Help at Night
GOP feud lives