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Monitor Archive for May 11, 1993

Japan Fires a Shot Over Bow of Clinton's `Managed Trade'
Talk of Security Comes to the Net
A Bittersweet Love Story of the Old South
Toward a US Technology Policy

PRESIDENT Clinton's Technology Goals
Al Gore Sees Government As Technology `Facilitator'
Nations Compete to Foster Leading-Edge Industries
Scenes From Muslim Ports of Call
Clinton Pitches Economic Plan, But So Far, Business Isn't Buying
Infinite Resources
Get high-tech with railroads
Russia Has to Clean Up Nuclear Weapons Dumped in Sea
Improving the Measure of Economic Progress in the US
States Offer Funds, Know-How, And Research Aid to Firms
Don't forget farmers
Improving the Measure of Economic Progress in the US
US Needs a Policy For Technological Future, CEOs Say
Federal Labs Open Doors to Industry
Pakistan's Bhutto Is Poised For a Political Comeback
South Africa's Right Wing Circles Its Wagons
Atlanta Project Aims to Revive The Inner City
Colorado Party Takes Surprising Lead in Paraguay's Vote
Babbitt Tackles Resource Reform
Boston School Reopens After Racial Violence
Miami police trial begins
Federal Rules Hamper New York's Search For Public Housing Sites
Muslim World and Bosnia
Cossacks: Friend or Foe of Yeltsin Reform?
Strikers' Rights in US
Looking for the Truth About Vietnam POWs
Praise for Panetta's Political Candor
Italy Sees Twilight Of Scandal-Ridden Christian Democrats