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Monitor Archive for April 8, 1993

Political Crisis Shakes Pakistani Government
Broad Approach to Old-Growth Forests
India's human rights abuses

The Ferocious Act of Drawing
The Buying and Selling Of African Art in Paris
Mexican Corruption and NAFTA
Personal Stigma Eases As Bankruptcy Lines Grow Ever Longer
Long-Range Strategy for the Former Yugoslavia
New York City Shifts Strategy on Homeless
Sexual Revolution - Women Pay the Cost
Mubarak's Message to Clinton
Sudan Crisis Heightened By Threat to Aid Workers
Clinton Sells His Jobs Bill After Setback in the Senate
Sign 'Em Up
Program for `Welfare Dads' Aims to Get Them Working To Support Their Children
Long-Range Strategy for the Former Yugoslavia
A Film for All the Family
Who's Playing Politics?
Go Under the Heads Of Mideast Diplomats
Consumer Advocate Raps Business Ethics in '90s
Clinton Must Keep Promise to Protect Public Lands
Texas Oilman Persists in Case Against Pemex Union Officials
What Leverage in Central Asia?
Lanford Wilson's `Redwood Curtain' Dwarfed by Set Design
A Texas Hero's Life
Renga 2
What Would Your Diary Reveal?
The Linked Verse Growing From Linked Lives
Primitive-Art Market Is Small But Thriving
Mayoral Candidates Pursue Hispanic Vote in New York
Lenten Fast Enriches Russian Easter Feast
Tiny Gibraltar Pins Hopes On Tax-Free Status
Library of Congress Sets Off Debate With Its Plan to Sell Computer Data
What You Learn At College Counts More Than Where
Mubarak-Clinton Talks Leave Deportation Issue Unresolved