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Monitor Archive for April 6, 1993

After Yeltsin Meeting, Clinton Must Sell Aid Plan Back Home
Remember To Bring In The Garbage
The Guests Who Almost Did Not Come
Barefoot in the Spring
Tokyo's Infusion of Public Funds Buoys Stock Market
Pakistan Seeks to Defuse Charge It Is a Terrorist State
Egyptian Leader Faces High Stakes In Smoothing Mideast Peace Talks
Order Pizza or Parts By Motorola Network
An Unassuming Sumo Champion
A Garden Will Grow Even in the City
Chrysler Toys With Idea Of Producing Hot Rods
French Company Honors Patrons of the Arts
Riotous `Rhodies' Are Favorites for Gardeners
`Low-Tech' Mires British Steeplechase
Europeans to Enforce Trade Ban on Yugoslavia
Vancouver Sets New Partnership For US, Russia
Student sexual harassment
The Subdued Summit
Hard Lessons From the War in the Balkans
TV's nature shows
Yeltsin's Assistance Package Includes Hotel's Food Aid
Federal Employees' Participation in Politics
PBS's `Square One' Gives Kids Clues To Mathematics Skills
Choosing a New NAACP Leader
Rise in Violence Prompts Israel to Boost Gaza Economy
California Melting Pot Boils Over As Illegal Immigrants Enter State
Federal Employees' Participation in Politics
Former Soviet Republics Beset by Power Struggles
A World of Omens and Oracles
Progress or Diversion?
`Clean' Party Gains as Japan's Leaders Falter
Free Trade Pact Is Shaky
Notes on the Media
Congress Trims Free Haircuts, Other Perks
Hockey Starts To Clear the Clutter
Two Handy Guides to Classical Culture

Illegal Immigration to US: a Crisis That Must Be Handled
An Ark Bigger Than Noah's
`Jack the Bear' Mishandles Family Troubles