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Monitor Archive for April 26, 1993

Serious Crime On Decline, Justice Reports
California Prospects TV Betting
Egypt Faces Pressure From Islamic Neighbors
Aim of Bay State's Wilkerson: Get Minorities Elected to Office
Future Benefits of Funding Nuclear Research
A Look at How to Teach Old Dogs New Tricks
Bay Staters Debate Video Poker
The Fair Employment Vigil
US Mutual Funds Multiply, Spawning Many New Hybrids
Software Giants Build Cooperative Ventures
Holocaust Memorials Send a Harsh message: Never Forget
Prayer for Russia
Clinton Prepares His Next Charge Up Capitol Hill
Where Islamists Hold the Reins
Government Suit Threatens Air Travelers
`A Nation at Risk" + 10 Years = A Nation Still at Risk
The Danger of `Hate-Crime' Statutes
Russian Voters Side With Yeltsin And His Push for Market Reform
Paris Monument Remembers the 200,000 Deportees
Free at Last
Dump Gambling Scam
School funding shifts
Turbulent Time Alters South African Landscape
EC Ministers Resist Harder Line on Serbs
For Whizzer's Seat, No Bench Warmer
Future Benefits of Funding Nuclear Research
Tender Views of Mother and Child
Californians Assess Referendum System
Brazil's Franco, His Office Intact, Unveils Economic Plan
Future Benefits of Funding Nuclear Research
US to Take Stronger Role In Middle East Peace Talks
Japanese Architect Wins Field's Highest Honor