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Monitor Archive for April 19, 1993

The Long Walk To Flee Famine In Sudan's South
Thatcher Keeps Heat On For Stronger Bosnia Steps
King Verdict May Signal Police to Avoid Excessive Force
Frric Bazille: Companion to Impressionists
Srebrenica Has Fallen; Now What?
UN Stiffens Sanctions Against Yugoslavia
Intra-Family Mail
Tumen River Project Needs Tighter Reins
Italians Go to the Polls, Ready to Change System
New Orleans Battles Over a Monument
Clinton Targets Research Funds To Fuel Growth of US Economy
HUD Badly Needs Thorough Housecleaning

Japanese Are in for More US Tough Talk on Trade
`Map of the Human Heart' Navigates Thoughtful Odyssey
Riordan, Woo Favored in L.A. Mayor's Race
Oregon Class Learns That `X' Is for Xeriscape
Earth Day Education Grows `Green' Kids
West's Federal Grazing Fees
US Has Opportunities To Lead in Ecology
NAFTA'S Faultlines
After King Verdict, L.A. Focuses on Rebuilding
West's Federal Grazing Fees
West's Federal Grazing Fees
Advocate for a Community Ethos
West's Federal Grazing Fees
West's Federal Grazing Fees
South Africa Arrests Conservative Leader For Hani's Murder
When Circus Walks a Tightrope Into Theater
Massachusetts Dealing With School Killings
Business Journals Find Lucrative Niche
The Confederate Flag Still Waves in the South
School Violence Enters Suburbs
A Verdict, a Future
Pro-Yeltsin Forces' Stealth Tactic: Exploiting Fears of Nationalism
When Police Force Goes Too Far