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Monitor Archive for March 26, 1993

`Married to It' Falls Flat Despite Top Acting Talent
Bonn Decides Bosnia Role As Kohl and Clinton Meet
Japan and Russia: Aid and Disputes
Foley: Stimulus Package a Needed Hedge
It Got Harder: FDR's Second Term
Health Care - and Less
For Hillary Clinton, Listening in Public Is a Political Fine Art
Broadway's `Song of Jacob Zulu' Sparks Emotion
Harassment in the Schools
Tower Bomb Suspect Has Humble Origins
The Fishing License That Got Away
South Africa's Bomb
Mini-Loans in Mini-Towns Produce Mini-Businesses
Kenya's Rejection of More Reforms Marks Victory for the Privileged
Yamaguchi Bows Out of '94 Games
How `The Crying Game' Was Made
A Family Tree: Generations Of Mothers
South Africa Admits Building, Dismantling Nuclear Weapons
Yeltsin and Parliament Replay 1917 Scenario
High-Tech Mushing on the Iditarod Trail

US Military Not Rattled By Russia's Instability
A Formula for US Health-Care Services
Doctors Try to Shape Clinton's Program to Reform Health Care
Freedom of Press Across the Border
Croci, Controversy Bloom in the Spring
Shady Sunshine
Russian Banker Stays Like Gum on a Shoe
Politics Dominates Whitney Biennial
Making Ethical Choices
A Herd of Candidates Chases Votes in Race for L.A. Mayor