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Monitor Archive for March 23, 1993

Spiritual Commitment In School
Strauss Is Still At Center Stage
In Many States, Lawsuits Contest The Fairness of School Funding
PBS Spotlights Pioneer Filmmaker
Court Takes Center Stage In Russian Crisis
South Africans Seek Peace in Troubled Natal
Tough Anti-Terrorism Legislation Under Consideration by Congress
Secured Credit Cards Post 21-Percent Growth
California Collegians' First Lesson: How to Pay for Soaring Tuition
Winners and Losers In Clinton Program
Head Start Program Needs Boost
Con Artists in Nigeria Seek Gullible Targets In the Americas
French Right's Landslide Win Creates `Cohabitation'

Keep These Radios On
Charts in Hand, Ross Perot Returns to Prime-Time TV
Why Not Run a Business Like a Good University?
US Should Stand by Yeltsin as He Pushes for Democracy
Unpleasant Truths
A Place for Innocence on The Night Streets
Caught in Red Tape? Who Ya Gonna Call? Congress!
The Baby Boomers' Interest in Religion
A Place for Innocence on The Night Streets
Bill T. Jones Dancers Deal in Imagination
Biography of Hoover Reveals Fallen Hero
New York Suit Provides Test Case on Auto Emissions
Toxic-Waste Cleanup Is a Burning Issue
Somalia's Next Step: Restoring Economy
N. Korea Imperils Effort To Curb Nuclear Weapons
U. of Vermont Eyes Bright Hoop Future
Waco Standoff and Assault Weapons
Younger Kim Behind N. Korean Challenge