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Monitor Archive for March 10, 1993

Some Karelians Urge Breaking From Moscow, Joining Finland
In Pursuit of Alternative Forms of Energy
The Benign Uses of Power
In Spite of Loss
Somalia: a Flash of Color in the Sunlight
Clinton's Economic Plan Will Contain Deeper Cuts
Nascent Palestinian Party May Bring Power Home
Canada's Lumber Industry Races to Meet US Demand
Whales Linked to Land
Debate Over Deficits, Taxes Centers on Different Views Of the Reagan Legacy
Japan Seems Pleased With Signs of Activist US Economic Policy
Making the Connection
Robert Oakley's Mission to Somalia Took Courage
UN Climate Meeting Tests Clinton's Image as `Green'
Summit: Friend or Foe to Yeltsin?
Britain's Major Is Set Back By Maastricht Opponents
Grassroots Ties Grow At Sino-Russia Border
Parisians Welcome Back Their Matisse
Valuable Thyssen Art Likely to Be Sold To Spanish Museum

Piano Company Lightens Tune in Timber Town
Press Agent's Dream: a Dash of Ready-Made Publicity for the Matisse Show
Reporting: a Skill Of Competent People
How to Upgrade Old Computer Clunkers
Pivotal Australian Election Turns On the Economy and a New Tax
Market Reacts to Low Interest Rates
THE WORLD FROM...the United Nations
A Russian Republic Looks Away
The Search for Cuts
Mexico's Ruling Party Hurt By Fund-Raising `Blunder'
US Coopts Key State Taxes
Star Search, Tory-Style