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Monitor Archive for February 22, 1993

`Appreciate the Sea, Light, the Sky'
ANC Readies Its Funders to Lift Sanctions
Haitian Ferry Tragedy Signals Infrastructure Woes
Perot Pushes for Continued Focus on Debt
US Should Adopt Policies Minimizing Nuclear Threat
Somalia and the Cycle of Arms Sales
Officials Sound Alarm on Sudan, Citing Danger of Mass Starvation
Japanese Concerned US Plan May Boost Calls for Concessions
Markets Hold Steady Assessing Clinton Plan
The Democrats' Job
Multimedia Show Recreates Spirit of George Lucas Films
South Africa's Bold Initiative for Nonracial Education
The forgotten Armenia
Stagnating Money Supply Causes Renewed Concern
Russian inflation
Milestone Elections in Kenya
Milestone Elections in Kenya
Children Question Clinton in TV Session
Healing and Divine Mind
Met Season Marked by Strong Stagings
NATO Eyes New Role in Bosnia
Clinton Bid Wins Cautious Nod From US Public
The Great American Scruples Test
Holding Course
Young Activist Defends Abused Women
Defusing Rogue Weapons
Yeltsin Vows to Go Ahead With Russian Referendum If Legislature Deal Fails
US Is Expected to Press Israel on Its Deportees
Don't Whine Over Clinton's Energy Tax

Republican Right Wing Gathers To Bash Clinton, Look to 1996
Battered Women's Defense Plea
Business Says an Energy Tax Will Cost US Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

A Historic Compromise for South Africa