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Monitor Archive for December 8, 1993

Anthony Hopkins: Master of Civility
Gingrich Proposes Plan For Building New Prisons
Fishing Is Not Enough To Sustain Newfoundland
Satellite Broadcasts Create Stir Among Asian Regimes
What the Russians Are Voting For
Canadian Aircraft Company Snags Business Opportunity By Selling to South Africa
Shuttling in the New Mideast
Battle for Term Limits Heads Toward Resolution in the Courts
Moral Values Matter
Many Russian Parties Are called
Gore Outlines Aid Plan To Foster Job Growth
Rhythms remembered
Hanukkah Lights to Warm the Heart
African City Could Play Host in 2004
Nova Scotia Looks Southward to Boost Troubled Economy
Bay State Plan Sparks Protests From Recipients
The Stone Crop
US and Europe Reach Compromise on Trade
Stones and Bullets Mark Eve of Palestinian Rule
Winter Approaches a Town in Bosnia
Extracting Oil in the North and South
Powerful Computers Still Take Skill to Use
From the Collected Works
Extracting Oil in the North and South
Germany's Kohl Strives to Bolster Plummeting Support for Coalition
How Cultures Change, Evolve
Pump Politics Vexes Venezuela Oil Industry
For This Vice President, the Job's More Than a Black Suit
Case Dismissed
Educating the Children of Communism
A Vote Against Violence Needed for El Salvador
Strength During the Storm
PLO Calls for Summit To End Impasse on Accord
Protestant Militias Seen Taking Offensive In Northern Ireland

Plan Boosts Earnings of Welfare Recipients
Hard Choices on Sanctions
Cultural Crosscurrents Buffet the Orient
To a Poet in a Penitentiary
`The Band' Rises From the Ashes Of 1960s-Era Rock and Roll
David Macaulay's Keen Curiosity Launches an Armada of Books