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Monitor Archive for December 23, 1993

Solitude Without Loneliness
Judged by the Numbers, Clinton Off to Good Start
The Joy Of Mystery and Shadow
US Agenda in Latin America Must Extend Beyond Trade
Healing the War-Ravaged Young
Yeltsin Stays the Course On Market Reforms, but Offers to Soften the Shock
After GATT, Business in California Is Sifting the Agreement for Details
Gore Supports Move to End Information Monopolies
Computer-Assisted Reporting Gains Ground
National Christmas Tree Looks Like a Space Shot
The Beat Picks Up At Cambridge Studios
Print Media Steer Toward Superhighway
Smaller Players Gain From Battle of Giants For Paramount Inc.

Winter Road
Australia Grants Aborigines Right to Claim Native Title
Keeping Israeli-PLO Agreement on Track
An Enigmatic Choice
Opening Doors to Each Other
Lines to Elizabeth
Chinese Leaders Carefully Cultivate Image of Mao on His Centennial
Foiling the Grinch's Hostile Takeover
Midnight Moon Watch
Telling Stories Isn't Just Kid Stuff
Kwanzaan Feasts Echo African Experience
South African Parliament Raps Final Gavel on `Grand Apartheid'
Ailey Company Lunges Into Future, Remembering Alvin
Russia and Germany: Is History Repeating?
Sing, and Leap for Joy
What's Next for World Trade?
Fried Catfish With Zippy Cornmeal Crust and Remoulade Sauce
Looking Back: Accomplishments of the Uruguay Round
Storytellers' Tips for Parents