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Monitor Archive for December 22, 1993

South Africa: An Incomplete Story
Apartheid Opponent Tells Her Own Story
Robert Rubin Sees US In Sustained Growth Cycle
Hoping for Charity at Home
Finger-Pointing Goes in Both Directions
Three Prime Candidates Contest Mexican Race
A Voice for Palestinian Rights
Midwesterners Face a Flood of Red Tape
Timing: The View From Clinton's Elbow
Withdrawal of Big Powers Troubles Forces in Somalia
Unpaid Taxes Are Unlikely To Derail Defense Pick
Algerians Endure Strife
France Astir as Ministers Propose Presidential Bid by Prime Minister
A Unified Ireland
Report Indicates Gains for World's Children
Too Much Antarctic Tourism Could Damage Habitats, Hamper Studies
World Cup Soccer Action Already Befuddles
Exploration Reveals Unknown Antarctic
Top Clinton Aide's Goal: Run a Tighter Ship in '94
South Africans Postpone Accord, Ensuring Talks on Afrikaner State
1993's Lessons on Peace
What the Fusion-Power Breakthrough Means
A Continent of Comics
Antarctica: Hot Spot for Global Research
Mexican Unions Struggle in A Tough Post-NAFTA World
Ruling Party in Mexico on Call To Ensure Credible Elections
A Unified Ireland
Boy Meets Girl, Girl Asks Boy Out
Talks on Bosnia Resume In Geneva, Then Brussels
Rights, Responsibilities
Growing Labor Unrest Roils Foreign Businesses in China

Keene Gives a Nod to Clinton
Hope and Possibilities In the Old Family Trunk
Saudis Squirm at Growing Debtor Image
The Bible - A Science Book?