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Monitor Archive for November 9, 1993

US Schools Watch Busing-by-Income Program in Wisconsin
Behind Standoff on Water Rights: A Century of Policy and Habit
Cornerstones of Foreign Policy
A Breakfast in Beverly Hills With Peter Sellars
American Manufacturing Sector Still Faces an Uncertain Future
Clinton White House Is Using Scare Tactics to Pass NAFTA
Hillary Clinton Disputes Balanced-Budget Plan
Just Play the Blues
Russia Women's Bloc Plans for Elections
Reform Health Care Where Consensus Exists
Somalis and Others Try to Broker Peace Between Rival Clans

Water, Water Everywhere, but Not Enough to Drink
In Nukes Strategy Review, US Eyes `Undeterrables'
Justice for War Crimes
NAFTA Rivals Square Off On Trade Treaty
`Lost' Football Wins May Revise Records
Westerns Mosey Back Onto TV
Ancient Greek Drama With a Topical Twist
How Now High Dow?
The Sad Paradox of the Push for a `Greater Serbia'
World's 100 Million Land Mines
Long Rebel Siege of Isolated City Reflects Woes of Angola's Civil War
Northeast Falls Behind in Home Sales
Puzzling Mystery, Mystery Puzzle
Tunisia Inches Toward A Multiparty System
Socioeconomic Busing Won't Work Everywhere
The Books That Make the President
Montenegrins Sing Hymns of Secession
US Housing-Market Pace Picks Up
Poll Backs New Mayor, Police Chief In Los Angeles
Ceremonial Prayer?