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Monitor Archive for November 23, 1993

What Gratitude Does
`Why in the World Did Ed Rollins Say This?'
Cuba Offers To Join US Effort To Stem Drug Traffic
Friendship Over Mashed Potatoes
A Proclamation
Every Good Gift
The Joffrey Ballet's `Billboards' Offers Freewheeling Pop Dance
Plan to Bridge the Chasm Between Rich, Poor Schools Spurs Debate in Michigan
Snows Fall, Prices Rise in Armenia
US Legal Aid Program for the Poor Experiences Rebirth Under Clinton
Simple Wood Stove Is No Longer So Simple
Videos Add Focus and Economy to Advertising
Going a Step Further: Turning Wood Into Gas
Hunting for Africa's Wildlife Poachers
Kept Under Guard, Haitian Government Struggles to Survive
Russian's Blistering Verbal Attack On Armenia

Clinton Pledges `Discipline' and `Caring'
Lebanon Needs a Niche in Middle East Peace
The Paving of America
Supply a `Safe Haven' in Haiti
Clinton Delves Deeply Into the Crime Issue
B.C. Takes a Page From Irish Book
Campaign Finance Reform
Not So Square Square-Dancing
Chicago's Art Institute Turns an Anniversary Into a Reassessment
Palestinians Discontented Over Arafat's Tight Grip
In the Wild, Wild-Animal World Of Woolly Mammoths and Wolves
Billion Here, Billion There - Who Can Keep Track?
Nuclear Dumping Ban
Professors Protest Political Prejudice
Philippine Government Takes On Warlords in Battle for Democracy