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Monitor Archive for November 2, 1993

Students Sue Connecticut Over Integration Issues
`Global Solution' To Yugoslav Wars Gets Firm Rejection

Smuggling Gangs Swarm to the Baltic States
Palestinian Deaths in Gaza Rend Fabric of PLO's Fatah
What's for Dessert, Grandma?
Fabio in the Flesh Takes D.C. by Storm
The CIA and Haiti
Forget `Santa Fe Style,' Today's Indian Artists Call Their Own Tune
UN Tries to Get Haiti Peace Plan Back on Track
Women Gain Ground In Mexican Politics
Student Chic
Turning to God
Shifting Demographics Bring De Facto Segregation
Powell's Presidential Prospects Seem High
N.Y. Bombing Trial at Key Point
Bunches and Bunches of Burgers!
Jordan Islamists Struggle to Keep Legislative Bloc
Paean to Red Barber
Investment Soars in Electronic Networks, But Who Has Access?
No Wolverine Sweat Shirts for Hanoi - Yet
N. Carolina Colleges Ponder NFL Impact

Spate of N. Ireland Killings Spurs Peace Moves by London, Dublin
Day of Decision Here for Voters In Local Races Across the US
Scientists Release Flood of Analyses As Mississippi Waters Move North
Europe's Downsizing Weakens Prospects For US Recovery
NATO Membership Would Aid Democracy in Russia
More Grandparents Face Cost Of Raising Their Children's Kids
Mutual Funds Expand Phone Rooms to Cope
Fighting Bad Fisheries Policy