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Monitor Archive for November 18, 1993

US and Chinese Leaders Hold High-Stakes Summit
Getting Out the Vote
The Essence of Dance
Germany Courts China As Part of New Asia Thrust
Fruitcakes That Break the Mold
Britain Pledges Cutback in Its Nuclear Arms
Chretien's Promise of Jobs May Not Be Easy to Fulfill
Sending In Troops Isn't Always Appropriate
Bosnian Factions to Meet In Crisis Talks on UN Aid
Thanksgiving's Enclosing Circle
Poems From a Kindergarten World
Networks Applaud Decision To Let Them Sell Reruns
CUBA: What Next for US Policy?
Holding the Line
Changes to Vermont's System Mandate Work for Recipients
Barney - just the basics
UN Calls Off Manhunt For Aideed in Somalia
Pacific Rim Meets Emerald City
Airport Scandal Clouds Final Days Of Heated Race for Atlanta Mayor
Holiday Gifts from Store to Door

Airline Industry Forecasts Clearer Skies
Sending In Troops Isn't Always Appropriate
The Last Word in Libraries
Police Welcome New Crime Bill But Warn Impact Will Be Limited
Puerto Rico's Status
Abortion Foes Defeated As Senate Backs Access Bill
CUBA: What Next for US Policy?
Clinton Looks Toward Asia
New York Runways Hardly Inspire Praise
N.J. Politicians Blame Florio, Not Vote Buying, For Republican Victory
Clinton Shifts Welfare Reform Into Gear
Georgian Opposition Claims Government Rights Violations
House Standard Time