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Monitor Archive for November 10, 1993

New Study Fuels California Debate Over Immigration
The Camaraderie of Working on the Railroad
Finding My Father at the Steel Mill
New Zealand Reforms Economy, But Electorate Shows Discontent
New Faces, Small Parties Expected To Sweep Italian Mayoral Elections
Time to Retire `Superpower'
Britain Expected to Remain Self-Sufficient in Oil Longer
China's Disabled Struggle For Better Opportunities
Public's `Furious Pessimism' Over the Decline in Jobs Spurs Hot Debate in France
Bosnian Serb Forces Obstruct UN Plan to `Winterize' Enclaves
Trusting God
US Obligation in Haiti
Behind NAFTA: A Debate Over US Role in World
The North Korean Test
Rollins Says Key to NAFTA Is Congress, Not TV Debate
AT&T Meets European Telephone Giants
Major Works Stolen From Stockholm
Stalin's Collision Course With 20th-Century Technology
From Carpet Bombing To Capitalism in Laos

US Shouldn't Interfere in Russia's Elections
Reverence for Monarchy Lives On In Sacred Capital of the Kings
China May Open Prisons To Red Cross Inspections
The Theater According to Albee
Bicycles Give Police Friendly Flexibility
Jordanian Vote Marks A Victory for the King And the Peace Process
Europe's Future on the Line In Response to Jobs Crisis
British Privacy Law May Put Media on Short Leash
THE WORLD FROM Tuning In to `Slobovision'
Assaying Clinton's Drug Policy
US Wholesale Prices Take a Decided Drop, Easing Inflation Fears
US Shouldn't Interfere in Russia's Elections
How Moon and Tide Helped Make a Mess At Boston's Tea Party
Will Montenegro Cut From Yugoslavia?