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Monitor Archive for October 7, 1993

S. Africa's Black Press Has a Key Role in Democracy Bid
The Master Musicmaker
Basketball Legend Michael Jordan Quits And Chicago Weeps
For Small Readers, Dragons Are Big
Bungled Military Actions Tarnish US Image Among Wary Somalis
Bible Tales Told in Hip-Hop Slang
US Foreign Assistance Program Will Get New Focus in Overhaul

US Work Force Hit Hard As Manufacturing Jobs Flee
Urban Developers Rein In Their Plans
Telephone Exec Is Called to NPR
Pineapple Cheesecake
Do We Really Want to Send Troops to Haiti?
Want Directions to Office? It's Right Next to Kitchen
When Service Means More Than a Smile
Buying a `New Car'
Canada's Liberals Lead in Election Campaign
Chrysler Hopes New Neon Will Rival the Legendary Beetle
Smoked Salmon Cheesecake With Green Onion Coulis
Of Super Dads, And Absent Ones
Modern Fathers
In Moscow: Tragedy and Hope Whither the Revolution?
Clinton Grapples With US Role Abroad After Somalia Setback
Rabin and Arafat Set Machinery in Motion On Israeli-PLO Accord
Hong Kong Governor Takes Hard Line Against China
In Name of Law and Order, Yeltsin Crushes Opposition
A Fascination With Modern Icons
Aftermath in Russia
Tapes of Oral Arguments May Cause Supreme Suit
Brazil Economy Struggling After President's First Year
Cheesecake Sweet and Savory
US Faces Global Challenges, Nitze Says
Public Broadcasting Makes It in the Mall