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Monitor Archive for October 6, 1993

The Right to Read in the Public Library
Scowcroft Urges US to Support Yeltsin Regime
Somalia Crisis Turns to Quaqmire As Clinton Hardens US Resolve
Serbian Radicals Force President Milosevic's Hand
House Republicans Ready For Aggressive Approach As Longtime Leader Quits
US, Canada, Mexico Build University Ties
Can the UN Be the Worlds Cop?
Reaching Out and Really Seeing Things
Salvador: Success Flows From `Thirst for Peace'
Former Yugoslavia: Mission Caught in a Maelstrom
Yeltsin's Deal With The Russian Army Could Slow Reform
Military Solution Hurts Russia's Democracy Effort
Invisible love
The Anger of Somali Families
A Correspondent's Correspondent
The Somalia Policy
Relief, Unease Mix On Moscow Streets
Surprise Summit Aims to Clarify Israeli, PLO Positions
The Right to Read in the Public Library
Georgia Economy Weaker With War on Two Fronts
Networks May Lead To Social Computing
Indonesian Chinese Take Business Expertise Back Home
Somalia: Force Used To Stabilize Fractured Land
Uncertain Future for Medicare
US Doesn't Need to Boost Subsidies for Arms Sales
Another Handshake?
From the Last Mideast War Springs a Legacy of Peace
North American Academic Links Expand
Cambodia: A New Government, Threat of Khmer Rouge Lingers

Don't Resume A-Tests
Mixing Borscht With Politics
Freedom to Be God-Governed
Southern Africa: Lessons Learned From Three UN Missions
US Rethinks Russia Policy Following Yeltsin Victory
Finding a Separate World in the Stillness
Clinton Accentuates Nuclear Concerns