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Monitor Archive for October 5, 1993

Lawmakers Want to Rein In Property Forfeiture
The Bloody Battle for Power in Moscow
Shifting the Strategy In the War on Drugs
Clinton's Plans for Health, Taxes Pay Dividends for Working Poor
Problem Real Estate Is Put on the Market
TV and Movie Influences
Baseball Begins Countdown to World Series
Past Pollution Still Fouls Many of Today's Waterways
NAFTA Is No Bonanza for Mexican Workers
Let Health-Care Plan Sink In
Middle Ground Scarce in Logging Debate
Middle Ground Scarce in Logging Debate
Health-Care Stocks Unshaken by Clinton's Reform Plan
Government's Big Grab
Both Beautiful - and Threatened - the Sudbury River
A Radical Group's Approach To Preserving the Earth
Max and the Midnight Loon
Surrender in Moscow
Mexico Has Political Will to Be an Environmental Success
Middle Ground Scarce in Logging Debate
Microsoft Steps Up Efforts To Enter Network Market
New, Upgraded Products Focus on Ease, Efficiency
Britain Tries Trading Tit-for-Tat With China in Hong Kong Talks
Seized Assets Are a Bitter Harvest
Two Superstar Tenors at the Met
Shakespeare Works Enter The Computer Era
Troubled Waters
`I'll Fly Away' Soars to PBS: More Serial Dramas Coming?
Yeltsin Prevails, Military Crushes Parliament Forces
US Prepares More Troops For Somalia Operation
In Vote Watched Across US, Californians to Decide Soon On School-Choice Proposal
Toronto Succeeds With A New Recipe for Success