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Monitor Archive for January 27, 1993

Clinton Team Sharpens Focus On Aid to Former Soviet Republics
Urban League Counts on Clinton
You Don't Have To Be Sick
New Gas Pipelines Likely to Boost Europe's Dependence on North African Resources
Wooing Maquiladoras to the Maghreb
On Film: The Graceful Human Spirit
Zoe in the Year Of the Saxophone

Britons Debate Monarchs' Role in Church and State
People-oriented reconstruction
Angola Turmoil Lands On Clinton's Plate
Forging New Ties Across the Mediterranean
Israel Looks to US to Bar UN Sanctions
Costs of a One-Way Culture Flow
CORRECTION COCorrection for 01/02/93
Where the North Meets the South, The Pollution Charges Fly
Hungary's Ruling Party Reaffirms Place for Radical Right
The Braer Tanker and Ocean Pollution
The Braer Tanker and Ocean Pollution
Supreme Court Limits Death-Penalty Appeals
Clinton Faces Early Showdown On Ban on Gays
Government Rescues Canadian Oil Project
Europe Slow to Invest in North Africa
Historical Ties Leave Trying Legacy
Togo Tense After Shooting Of Democratic Protestors
French Opening - Slowly - to Arab Influence
Needed: a New Plan For Policing the World
Mediterranean Trade
A New Balkan Game
Biggest Australian Bank Possibly Turns Corner
Use of Force to Settle Global Disputes Has Its Limits
How the West Can Aid Former Soviet Union