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Monitor Archive for September 9, 1992

American Competitiveness
Salvadorans Thrive in D.C.
Baseball Heads for Period of Financial Turmoil
Canada's Bold Move
Asteroid Watch: An Idea Dinosaurs Could Have Used
Italy Props Up Weak Lira, Awaits French Vote
The Muslim Dimension
News Currents
Stirring Moments Colored by Memory
Pretoria's `Divide and Rule' Strategy in Ciskei
Help for the Philippines
French Debate Sends Ripples Across Europe

Product-Liability System Under Congressional Debate
A Recession Kid Looks at '92
American Competitiveness
Bush Applies Incumbent's Power to Reelection Bid
Report Says Political Groups Waged `Culture War' on Arts, Artists
Keep family values out of politics
Three Generations Of Wolf Pack Life
American Competitiveness
Diggers Battle Over Ancient Bones
In Many Places, the West and Islam Aren't in Conflict
As US Defense Cuts Take Hold, Armsmakers Step Up Sales Abroad
ANC May Harden Stance After Massacre In S. Africa Homeland
East Coast Tourists Ruffled by Wet, Wild Weather
Raitt Delivers Down-Home Show
Homeland System Key to `Grand Apartheid'
Making a Traditional Sport Part of a New Community
Halting the Reversal Of Democracy
A Pick-and-Sing Sort of Place
Marketing Familiar Foods
White Activist Works to Boost Popularity of Ciskei Dictator
Utility Nuclear Program Draws Fire
Hearing the Call