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Monitor Archive for August 7, 1992

Izvestia: Publishing Rights Versus Property Rights
Over the Edge
No Thrills, No Frills - Bush's New Strategy
The Exhilaration of An Olympic Non-Star
L.A. Police Officers Charged
UN Inspectors Setting Off Again To Find Iraqi Arms
Olympics Offer a Helping Hand to Sarajevo's Children
New York and US to Try BCCI Case in Tandem

The North American Free Trade Agreement: Who Benefits in the
Syrians, Lebanese `Forbid' Drugs In the Bekaa Valley
Slow Economy: Bush Stagnation or Fed's?
Six Men Who Wanted To Be President
High Beauty, `Low Fives' in Spain
Baseball Is Becoming a Drag
Freedom of speech
News Currents
Great Athletes Finally Meet - Almost
Highlights on NBC-TV
The Case for Bush
`Breakthrough Leaders'
Cambodia's Abandoned Families
The Changing Game of US Politics
Prayer and Politics
Race Heats Up Early as Bush, Clinton Tangle
The North American Free Trade Agreement: Who Benefits in the Long Run?
`Breakthrough Leaders'
Rabin and Bush, Meeting in Maine, Could Repair US-Israeli Relations
Muddled Allegiances at the Games

California and Bush
S. African Government and ANC Pondering General Amnesty Plan
Respect the Moose Who Comes to Call
How to Deflate Saddam Hussein
Mexico Plans To Slim Down Bloated Peso
In Grandmother's Garden
Bellows Show Moves Past Cliches
Alaska's Denali Park
Austin's War of the Watershed