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Monitor Archive for July 8, 1992

Female Empowerment Leads to Fewer Births
A First Step Toward an International Criminal Court
Brazilians Face Population Dilemma
Unlimited Individuality
Legal Bills Grow As Olympia & York Starts Restructuring

Summit Keeps Force Option Open in Bosnia
American Democracy `Betrayed'
Language Is The Guardian Of the Culture
Family-Planning Efforts Succeed in Thailand
News Currents
Population Progress
Progress in slowing the increase in people on the earth is critical to finding solutions for global problems in the 21st century
Mexican Men Get the Message About Limiting Family Size
Egypt Pursues Family Planning
As Welfare Shrinks, Maoris Try to Help Themselves
Little Town Gets Gridlock As Country Music `Mecca'
Finance Minister Sees Economy Improving
US and Iraq, Revisited
Portuguese Begin Grass-Roots Drive For Vote on EC Treaty
Too Many People? Not in the View of Some Economists
Algeria Still Seeks Identity
New Zealand Sets Economy Loose
The Man Behind the Baton
De Klerk's Opportunity
Is US Immigration Policy Restrictive Enough?
Tuned In to the Mountains
Fertility Rates Decline In Third-World Nations
G-7 Leaders Reiterate Fixes for Global Economy
Is US Immigration Policy Restrictive Enough?
Russia Moves Closer To Bailout by West
Turkey: Caught in the Vortex of History
Pastoral Music
Is US Immigration Policy Restrictive Enough?
Population Programs Seek Outside Funds
Growing Need For Farmland Erodes Guatemala Forest
Poll: Older US Voters Ready To Turn Against Establishment
Rio Reminder: Population Is Not an Isolated Issue
Limiting Feathered Imports
Does the Evidence to Date Prove That Black Holes Exist?
California's Credit Rating Plummets
Border-State Election Tests Mexican Commitment to Fraud-Free Vote