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Monitor Archive for May 27, 1992

Moldova Calls on Russia To End Aid to Separatists
While Mexico's People Live in the North, Its Water Is in the South
Experience in Israel's Negev Demonstrates Advantages Of Drip-Irrigation Method
With Iron Curtain Gone, Littoral States Join to Clean Up Polluted Baltic Sea
Act Today for Tomorrow's Water
`Free and Fair' Elections in Cambodia
Decline and Decay Are Not Inevitable
A Japanese Housewife Works to Save Water
News Currents
How Many Depend on Subsistence Fishing?
Historian Says `Domestication' of Water Was Essential Step to Modern Civilization
Nepalese Villagers Worry Over New Water Accord With India
Recognition of North-South Dependency Is Solution to Environmental Challenges
Boston's Sewer Chief Emphasizes System Maintenance, Conservation
Three Gorges Dam in China Threatens Fish And Fishermen
Perot's Political Rise Laid to Leadership Void, Economic Sag
Keep funding PBS
New President Eases Italy's Political Crisis After Mafia Killing
S. Africa's ANC Moves Toward Party Status
An Aral Sea Island Lies Stranded In the Sand
Venetian Center Aids Coastal Cities
Race relations
State of Emergency Lifted in Thailand
Affirming America on Canvas
North-South Dispute Over Backyard Pools
Mankind's Water Needs Require Search For Cost-Effective Resource Management
`Free and Fair' Elections in Cambodia
A Life Where the Well Is Miles Away
Kurds Defy Critics, Unify on Vote
Slow US Economic Gains Have Economists Dickering Over Best Course for the Fed
A Hungarian Mother Talks About Water
Experts Debate: The Economy-Environment Relationship
Experts See Water Desalination as Crucial to Middle East Peace
Traditional Yangtze River Life in Jeopardy
Long Drought Heightens Struggle Over Movement of Water in California
New York's Leaky Pipes: A Full-Time Job
Pepsi Defies Arab Boycott But Runs Into Israeli Foes
Nations Must Join Together for Water-Conservation And Sharing Projects to Promote World Peace
Let's Develop Wells and Educate Third-World Women
Israelis Pound Hizbullah Bases in Lebanon
The Man Who Watches Buffalo's Water
Canada's Federal Crisis