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Monitor Archive for April 9, 1992

Peruvian President Promises to Pull Troops off Streets
Spiritual Refreshment
Proposed Energy Legislation Is Timely - but Will Alternative
The Bald Eagle Rebounds
Clinton Slogs On
Architectural Firm Is Busy Making Lovable Stadiums
PLO Meets to Reassess Negotiating Strategy
Keating, Opposition Engage in Battle of Economic Wills
State Surpluses Stage Strong Showing in '91
Fujimori's Wrong Turn in Peru
News Currents
On the `Outside' Looking In
Replacement Workers Debated
The Meeting Of Two Natures
Cards, Caps, and Royalties Pushed Players to Strike
Review IMF in E. Europe
Ukraine is not to blame
Win in New York Positions Clinton For Nomination
Montreal's Multicultural Fare Is 'One World' Cuisine
To Live Is to See
Book clubs as cultural bridges
From the Linen Postcard Era: A Gallery Of Vintage Baseball Stadiums (1930-50)
Proposed Energy Legislation Is Timely - but Will Alternative Sources Survive?
A New-Fangled, Old-Style Ballpark
The World Doesn't Stop for US Politics
Calling All Cars! Police May Curtail High-Speed Chases
South Africa Police Order Full Probe Of Mandela Charge
Unsettled by Disruption in Peru, Bolivians Back Away From Conflict
Gleaning Facts on N. Korea's Enigmatic Heir
Redefining Quebec's Cuisine
Tokyo Receives China's Jiang With Reserve
Eagles' Flight Path: From 'Endangered' to 'Threatened'
Q & A
Cleaner Environment Vs. Economic Growth
What Political Polls Show Can Be More Shadow Than Substance