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Monitor Archive for April 27, 1992

Afghan Rebels Engage In Battle for Capital City
Job Training - Beyond the Politics
The Christ-Spirit
New Record Label Mixes Storytelling and Comedy
The Trouble With Language in Art
News Currents
Science Superstars
Photography That Is Child's Play
Savannah River Reactor: Dismantle It, Don't Restart It
Keystone-State Voters Prepare for Primary
Group of 7 Countries Look Inward
Treatment of Animals Around the World
Middle East Peace Talks Could Include Elections
Bold Plan Would Set New Agenda For California
Reinventing the Bank That Is Remaking Europe
Poised for Stanford's Top Post
Early Morning in the Big Apple
Treatment of Animals Around the World
Kazakh Leader Aims For Ethnic Balance
The Bible: Purposeful Literary Patchwork
Lessons From a Cave Classroom
Pollution-Control Firms Will Clean Up
Treatment of Animals Around the World
Treatment of Animals Around the World
Iranians Balance Ties With Russia
Kazakhstan Seeks US Pact For Further Nuclear Cuts
Series of Earthquakes Rocks Northern California
Colin McCahon's Daring Word Images
Ross Perot Has an Answer To Almost Any US Problem, But He Is Short on Details
Mexicans Scrutinize Safety Following Guadalajara Blasts
Mix Business and Rights in China
Who's Greener?
Cosmologists Enter Exciting New Era of Galaxy Exploration
Bush Gets Bad Rap for `Visionless' Foreign Policy
People and Global Warming: a Critical Link