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Monitor Archive for April 1, 1992

Turkey's Jews Celebrate 500 Years of Peaceful Coexistence
Oscar Voters Break With Tradition
Australia to Improve Native-Rights System
Arab Economic Goals Run Into Roadblocks
Middle East Muslims Differ Over the Meaning of the Fundamentalist Revival
Embargo Leaves US Oil Firms Dry in Oil-Rights Bidding
The End of Tolerance
Indians Fight for Religious Freedom
British Vote Hinges on Recession, Tories' Administration of London
Ultimate in Paperwork: a Palindrome
Blacks Fuel Islam's Rapid Growth in US
Confronting the Resurgence of Anti-Semitism
Whatever You Do, Don't Laugh!
Evaluating Britain's Poll Tax
Global warming?
France's Sour Mood [cf: ...and Europe's Future]
Reconciling Islam And the West
Judaism and the State of Israel
... and Europe's Future [cf: France's Sour Mood]
Global warming?
Vietnam's Tough Road to Recovery
Moscow Gets Signed Treaty On Federation
Brazilians Welcome Cabinet Resignations
In Aftermath Of Gulf War, Oil Prices Remain Stable
Hollywood Toasts Itself, Hardly Bats an Eye at Protesters
Evaluating Britain's Poll Tax
US-Canada Trade Friction on Rise
Spiraling Cost of Workers' Compensation
The Art of Letters
1492/1992: the Religious Legacy
Finding Healing In the Bible
Spain Tackles Terrorist Threat By Basques to Olympics, Expo
Christian Sects Clash In Latin America
News Currents
The Tale of the Indian Gent
Time to Be Counted on Cambodia
THE WORLD FROM...Site 2, Thailand
For Jews, Edict A Resounding Memory