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Monitor Archive for February 26, 1992

Larger World Role Forces China To Moderate Policies at Home
Irish Abortion Case Tests European Legal Standards
Rossini and River Rouge
Recognize Former Soviet Republics Without Strings
South African Referendum Sets Up Battle for Mandate On Negotiated Settlement
Reform With a Life of Its Own
Winding Down the Afghan War
Televised Jousts Set New Tone in British Campaign
Australia's Keating Tries to Spur Economy
Peace and Politics
Armed Forces Going Extra Miles to Ease Exit From Services
Israelis Bear Up Under Severe Winter Blizzard and Flooding
Iraqis want Saddam out
A Winter's Tale From Belfast
Population growth and land loss
China Jails Seven More Pro-Democracy Activists
Objections to Standardized Testing
German Presence in Czechoslovakia Sparks Concern Over Dominance
News Currents
THE WORLD FROM...Washington
Haiti Reaches Fragile Accord On Restoring President Aristide
Canada's Search For Identity
Montreal's Haitians Vow to Continue Vigil Until Aristide's Return
Objections to Standardized Testing
Deng Struggles To Set Reform Back on Track
Former Adviser Talks About Hatians' Dream
De Klerk Takes a Risk
Loss of Defense Jobs Not Seen as Devastating
Ruling Party Fails to Win Loyalty of Fractious Army
Democracy and God's Kingdom
Stagnation Clouds American Dream