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Monitor Archive for February 10, 1992

'Why Are You Doing This to Us?'
Israelis Signal Quiet Shift On Settlement Activities
Europeans Call for Action To Avert New Ozone Hole
Can We Protect the Environment Without Making Economic Sacrifices?
Save the Children (and the Adults)
Correcting Mistakes
Abstract Form That Invites Exploration
Candidates Are Buying American
S. American Research Focuses on Impacts Of Ozone Depletion
Iowans Watch Spotlight Move to New Hampshire
US Team Prospects Brighter Now
Armament Deals Flourish Despite Bids for Limits
The Road Back
Africa's Elephants Could Soon Be Under the Gun Again
Era of Automatic US Assistance To Israel May Be Drawing to Close
The Bombs From Brazil
Congress to blame for economy
Western Firms Get a Foot in the Door in Eastern Europe
Alaska Business Leaders Frown on Japan-Bashing
A vote for the Cubans
Japanese Take Up US Studies
US Pays a Price for Prosperity
Spike Lee's Hot Potato. Director Treads Carefully With 'Malcolm X'
Can We Protect the Environment Without Making Economic Sacrifices?
In Cairo, an Expatriate Black American Recalls Malcolm X
News Currents
In Funding America's Olympians Today, Anything Goes
UN Plays Waiting Game With Iraq
Russians Take to Streets to Sway Future of Reform Drive
Local ANC Chairman Is Latest Natal Victim
Drug War's New Front
AT&T's Allen Looks at 10 Years of Flux