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Monitor Archive for December 4, 1992

Human Rights and Peace
Three Lawns to Mow For 10 Cents an Hour
Cities Have Cleaner Air Due to New Cars on Road
An Italian Composer in Scotland
Everything About Money for a Price
The Perils of `Defense Conversion'
Russian Composer Gains Ground in US
Father's Weird, Wonderful Cars
Hazardous Air Emissions Go Unregulated in Alaska
Force in Somalia May Signal More UN Interventions
Strengthening Our Educational Backbone
Women's Hockey Rises Unchecked
Galileo Comes Home for a Power Boost
Broadening students' horizons
De Klerk's Rift With Zulu Chief Tilts S. African Leader Toward ANC
Music that Reaches Across Borders
Guatemala's Unfinished Civil War
UN Officials Weigh Significance of Khmer Rouge Attacks
Strengthening Our Educational Backbone
Broadening students' horizons
Well-Made Policy vs. Hard-Won Consensus
Moderation Marks Slovenian Elections
Strengthening Our Educational Backbone
Michael Jordan, Between Dunks
Clinton's Judgeships
Cambodian Vote on Track Despite Violence
Salvadoran Rebels Begin Torching Arms
Alaska Versus the Wolves
A Closer Look at the Gender Gap

Clinton, Gore Set for Environmental Push
Islamic Conference Yields Cautious Words, No Action