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Monitor Archive for December 16, 1992

Food-for-Work Builds Esteem, Communities
Mozambique's Beira Port: From War Rubble to Vital Grain Hub
Mozambicans Flee Rebel Territory for Food
Official American Delegation Visits China to Appease Beijing
Hunting Computer Hackers
Don't Patronize the Canadians
Survey Dispels Notion of Hispanic Cohesion
Where the Action Is in Russia
Aid Effort Tied To Africa-Wide Security Needs
Regarding Estonia's Russians, the Basic Issue Is Justice

Computers Mixing Sound With Sight Are on the Way
Frustration in Baidoa As US Troops Arrive
Dealing With Somalia's Guns
Not All Is Flawed in Hubble Images
Yeltsin Outmaneuvered By Russian Congress
Don't Patronize the Canadians
Gender discrimination
Lighting the Way at Christmas
The Packwood Case And Society's Choices
Drought That Helped End a War
Don't Patronize the Canadians
Necessary Steps for EC

The South African `stoep'
Politics, Business Mix At Clinton's Summit
Each Generation Offers Its Kindness
Mexico Hails Acquittal in US Murder Case
Israeli Anguish Over Murder Sets Hurdle for Peace Process
Free-Market Envoys

Governed by Law, Not Chance
Russian President's Visit May Boost China Trade
Food to Malawi Slowed by War And Failures Of Banda Regime
Red Tape Slows Flow of Food in Zimbabwe
Charting the Causes of Declining Rainfall
Regional Coordination Takes Root
S. Africa's Relief Plan Seen as Racially Biased
First View of an Isolated Renamo Village
All God's Creatures
Debt Revisions Key to Russian Grain Purchases
Freshman Members of Congress Attend Kennedy-School Orientation
Southern Africa Fights Drought of the Century