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Monitor Archive for December 14, 1992

The Old Competition With Marxism Isn't Over Yet
Yeltsin Defuses Crisis In Russian Parliament
European Summit Achieves Compromise On Maastrict Treaty
Japan Eyes President-Elect For Clues to Future Action On Its Rising Trade Surplus
S. African First: Mixed-Race Mayor
UN Expected to Strengthen Stand on Bosnia
Schooling for Job Skills
Postal Service Bids for Quick-Delivery Packages
A Goof-Off With a Mission
Behind the Scene In Making `Maus'
Yeltsin's Compromise
Mexico Takes New Steps to Curb Imports
Under Pressure, Guatemala Addresses Labor Law Abuses
Amtrack Tests High-Tech Train Travel of the Future
The words of Rush Limbaugh
For UN Peacekeepers In Croatia, Isolation Is Tough Challenge
Confronting the Nuclear Waste Problem
`Writing Box' Helps Kids Enjoy Writing, Aids Reading
The words of Rush Limbaugh
Focus in Somalia May Shift From Famine To Rebuilding Effort
Clinton Stresses Diversity, Fiscal Probity in Cabinet
Novel Strains for Effect
Clinton Urges US Leaders To Define Action

Confronting the Nuclear Waste Problem
Older Americans Form a New Market
A UN With Teeth
Lending a helping hand
From Hawksbill To Chester Gap
It's Time to Junk the `War Paradigm'
A Chickadee Speaks To the Universe
Another `Environmental President'
Harold Paris: Emotions Of Mixed Media
Noel Coward and Gertrude Lawrence Banter
Merging East, West Students Challenges Berlin Schools
US Marines in Somalia Face Dilemma Over Disarmament