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Monitor Archive for November 25, 1992

From Swords to Plowshares
Economic Council Needs More Study
Pilgrim Colors
Slatkin Brings Energy To Bolcom's Blake Poems

Peace Process Hang-Up
Montreal Chips Away At Three Decades of Debt
THE WORLD FROM...Washington
1900s End as They Began: With Revolution In the `Wireless'
Egypt's Slow Privatization Efforts Frustrate Businesses

In Occupied Lebanon
Lab Work Produces Commercial Spinoffs
Empathy for French farmers
Russian Armsmakers Take Off on Their Own
A Core of Gratitude
`McTeague' Opera Gambit Pays Off
A mandate for the UN
Saying Iraq Has Itself to Blame, UN Maintains Cease-Fire Terms
Clinton May Get Line-Item Veto Authority in '93
Joblessness Takes Its Toll On a Worker, His Family
Attacks Cloud Key Role Of Germany's Foreigners
Amid News of an Army Failure, Israeli Press Attacks Censorship
NAFTA Seen as Resulting in Devastation for Mexico's Corn Growers
A Passion for Birds, Far and Near
Talks Worth Continuing
High-Technology Firms Have Found Success, Relief in Diversification
Mother Church Reports Budget on Target
US Version of By-Election Tests Clinton's Popularity

NAFTA Seen as Resulting in Devastation for Mexico's Corn Growers
Indians Press Clinton To Halt Waste Storage
Doughnuts, Even on Thanksgiving
`Peacekeeping' In Bosnia: a Farce
Pakistan Seeks Influential Role In Central Asia
S. African Realism
Is My Body Telling Me This?
British Tories Survive `Iraqgate' Vote