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Monitor Archive for November 16, 1992

Colleges Define Different Market Niches
Bonn Demonstrators Press Calls to Curb Right-Wing Violence
Three Foreign-Policy Musts for Clinton
The Real Bottom Line
Brazilian President Faces Criminal Trial
Clinton's Tough Ethics Guidelines Could Hinder Hiring, Critics Say
Foley Offers Compromise On Line-Item-Veto Debate
Savimbi Is Not to Blame For Angola's Troubles
An Unlikely Marriage of Forms
Legacy of Reaganomics Hovers Over Clinton
Hold Off on Welfare Change
Name Game in Full Swing As a New Cabinet Looms
The Sides of Justice in Peru
Number of Women in MBA Schools Is Dropping
Put the Emphasis on Teaching
Colleges Define Different Market Niches
The Sides of Justice in Peru

UN Stiffens Resolve on Bosnia
Japan Faces World Glare Over Nuclear Shipment
Beyond Appearances
Philip Glass Cuts in New Directions
Minorities Still Underrepresented On Campus but not in Texts
As Students Struggle to Pay Tuition, Schools Scramble to Trim Budgets
US Firms Quietly Invade Japan's Computer Market
The Sides of Justice in Peru
`B' Schools Adapt to Meet Demand
Israeli Retaliatory Options Limited In Fighting Hizbullah Militants
Anglican Archbishop Warns Against Schism
Winds of Change Buffet Academia
British Analysts Give Lamont's Plan Lukewarm Reception