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Monitor Archive for October 26, 1992

Black Russian's US Roots
Historic World Series Win Boosts Canadian Pride
The Scourge of `Iraqgate'
Films Send Cautionary Message About the Effects of Video Culture
Clinton's Lead Sags Under Two-Way Assault
Reform Efforts Hurt by Tests
Anti-Iraq Coalition At UN Shows Signs Of Wear and Tear
China New, China Old
Inflation Fear Pushes Bonds Down
Conservator's `Nightmare': Modern Paper NYChristopehr Andreae, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor
`Roads to Home' Paved With Irony
Perot's vice-presidential choice
Modern Artist With a Camera
Yet Another Republican Bastion May Fall to Democrats This Year
Protecting our oil interests
Clinton Has Best Plan to Rebuild Ailing US Infrastructure
Major's Economic Strategy Changes After Mining Debacle
Debating the Debates
Clinton campaign believes greatest danger is over
Preserving Britain's Paper Trail
News Currents

In the Language of Maps
The Cringing Maps
The `Poison Factory'
Pressures Rise for Shift In Russian Government
Buthelezi Deals Himself Out in S. Africa
Emperor's Visit Rankles Chinese
Debating the Debates
US Green Party Gathers Strength in 1992 Campaign
Tajik Coup Raises New Security Concerns
Something to Cheer Canada
Economic, Social Change Drives Montana Contests
L.A. Riot Victims File Claims For Poor Police Protection
Storefront Schooling At No Charge
No to Addiction
With eight days left, Ross Perot launches blitz