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Monitor Archive for October 14, 1992

Don't Exaggerate The UN's Faults
Some Arguments After the Debate
Clinton May Carry Middle Atlantic
News Currents
Some East European Communist Leaders Are Clinging to Power in Their Countries
Japan's Architect of Recovery Calls His Plan `Near Perfect'
Southwest Calls For Governmental Limits; Voters Lean to Center
Cairo Begins Relief After Quake
Near Winter
Northwest Profile
Borders Open for Chinese Cinema
The Women's Vote
Economic Woe Has South Disillusioned With GOP

Midwest Does Well, but Looks to Democrats
Helping Somalia
European Leaders Split Over Economic Crisis
Romania's New President Talks Tough
Waging Peace for African Countries
GOP States Alter Political Stripes In New England Economic Slump
Foreigners in Germany
THE WORLD FROM... Sarajevo
Battle for North Bosnia `Corridor' Catches Residents in the Crossfire
Atlantic Profile
Somali Civil War Is Fueled By Huge Stockpiles of Weapons

New England Profile
Waging Peace for African Countries
Midwest Profile
Arms Sales Ironies
Solutions Through Prayer
It's Time to End The Korean Cold War
October Chime
Southwest Profile
Keep Europe's Push for Unity Alive
Late Train to the Stars
Capturing the Spirit of People, Not Politics
A Fast-Growing, Locally Minded Northwest Shifts Toward Liberal Politics, Service Jobs
Space Age Enters New Era Of Partnership
Shevardnadze Proves He Has Popular Support