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Monitor Archive for September 5, 1991

Guatemalans Start Lives Over in Florida
Australia Moves to Ban Sale of Semiautomatic Weapons
Dissident Chinese Journalist Zhang Weiguo Is Defiant After Release From Detention
The Old 'New' Media Is New Again, and Powerful
News Currents
Software Called Key to US Competitiveness
Are Americans Really Greedy?
Los Angeles Changes Water Policy
Pulling Weeds
Biodiversity Alert
The Baritone Who Sings Klinghoffer
Baltics Sang Their Way to Independence
EC Sets Talks in Yugoslavia As Strife Breaks Cease-Fire
CAFE Is an Inefficient Road to Fuel Efficiency
Misplaced Virgil
Mr. Bush's Line-Item Veto
Painting That Acts Out Landscape
The Composer's Thoughts on the Making of 'Klinghoffer'
More women poets, please
New Operas To Premiere in US
Shakespeare On the Wall
Soviet Changes: Pros and Cons
19th of August
CAFE Is an Inefficient Road to Fuel Efficiency
French Communists Resist Change
Republics Ill-Prepared for Solo Economies
Shopping for Supermarket Insight
Inca Empire Epic
Soviet Reformers Seek Mantle Of Legitimacy
Watchdogs Versus Scientists
Latvia Tries to Attract Foreign Investment
British Far Left Grapples With Soviet Collapse
Yellow Light on Aid
Protests, Photocopiers, And Motorcycles Drive Togo's Revolution
'Klinghoffer' Tries to Go Behind Headlines