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Monitor Archive for September 24, 1991

Repeal of Anti-Alien-Hiring Law Urged
Pack of Unknowns Could Give Bush A Little Trouble
China After the Coup
Yugoslavs Seek Respite From War to Regroup
AT&T Frustrated As China Favors Other Companies
Modern Maternity And the Sitcom Stork
Sri Lanka's President Is Unsettled by Impeachment Effort
Bill Clinton Tries to Clear The Air
Biting the Bullet, Connecticut Looks Beyond Defense Industries
A Gospel Heart
Food-for-Thought Movies
US Homeless Remain Down for the Count
Human rights in Yugoslavia
THE WORLD FROM...Kiev, Ukraine
Crisis in the Counties
Falling Prices Challenge Gas Firms
US butter and Russian guns
'Criminals' Rights'
Australian Premier Bob Hawke Hopes GATT Trade Talks Won't be Sidetracked
Namibia's Former White Rulers Change Political Strategy
Finding a Free-Market Fix for American Health Care
News Currents
Finding a Free-Market Fix for American Health Care
Children's Theatre in Minneapolis
Park Closing Stirs Neighborhood
Cambodians Are on Verge of Formal Accord
Louisiana Resolves Dispute Over Pay Hikes for Professors
Union Calls for Public Works to Create Jobs
South Africans Launch Reform of Police Conduct
September Light
Latest Rate Cut May Backfire on Fed
What Was Learned From Senate Hearings
Georgians Take Up Arms Over Republic's Future
A Unified Nation's Youth
Small-Town Tragedy