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Monitor Archive for September 17, 1991

Love That Overflows
Global Population Growth Begins to Brake, Slowly
At Frankfurt Auto Show: A 'Kermit the Frog' Car
Soviets Prepare Defense For Alleged Coup Plotters
Waiting for Mario, the Sequel
Palestinian Influx Puts Jordan to Test
Don't Take Paul Tsongas Too Lightly, Say the Pros
The Global Economy
Japan May Soon Have 'Pill'
Palestinians Cope With Another Upheaval
Pressures on the Pentagon Budget
Mordant Humor In Vietnam
Preservationist intrusion
Sri Lanka: 'Isle of Refuge,' and of Refugees
Waste Disposal Core of Nuclear Power Shutdowns
Commission Calls For School Reform
Is There Really a Place Called Great Snoring?
Countering greed
Salomon Scandal Could End Cartel
Biennial Show Captures Art of Sound and Vision
Aquino Vows to Overturn Filipino Treaty Rejection
'I Used to Play the Violin, but...
Paul Cox Sees Lots of Money, Little of Value
Drop in Soviet Oil Output Results in Worldwide Bind
A Bit of Stimulation
China Downplays Anti-Beijing Vote in Hong Kong Elections
Independence-Minded Soviet Republics Claim Greater Role In International Organizations, Seek Ways to Settle Disputes
'I Used to Play the Violin, but...
Worldwide Population-Increase Progress and Problems
September: Kids' 'Breakaway' Month
Promoting Smaller Family Size
Places the Exhibition Travels
UN Session to Bring Rise in Membership
News Currents
Governor Clinton Hints at Running