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Monitor Archive for June 20, 1991

Rita Marley Takes Her Reggae on a Big Tour
Pretoria's Shift Sets Stage for US Battle Over Sanctions Law
Carpet Cleaning and Convalescence
Subsidized Timber Sales Raise Public-Benefit Issue
Don't Give The Soviet Union A Blank Check
Southern Cone Joins US in Economic Pact
A Brief History of the Man Who Robbed the Rich and Gave to the Poor
An Ideal Family
'Giant Step' for Paraguay
News Currents
Paintings That Are All Muscles and Armor
Conclusions Drawn
Americans Would Take Cut in Income To Gain More Leisure Time, Survey Says
Baseball's New Turf
Time to Rethink US Role in the Middle East
US-Israeli Bond Remains Firm
Divvying Up Rights
Voyage of Crosscurrents
Attention, Future Food Shoppers!
The Real Discrimination in Latvia
Snapshot of America's Eating Habits-To-Be
Pesticide-Free Grains Introduced
East Europeans Consider New Ties With Soviets After Drop in Trade
Uphill Battle for Natal Peace Effort
Crime Bills in Congress Are Said To Offer Only Incremental Change
US Export Policy: Profit Over Principle
Costner Puts His Stamp on the Outlaw Prince
Aborigines Win Dispute Over N. Australia Mining
American Harmonics
Argentines Ask If US Tack Is Worth the Cost
New England Expects Fair Tourist Season
Indelibly Scottish, or Is It?
US Aid to Israel: The Premise, the Price
Israel's Gulf War Stance Lifted Esteem in US
Triumphant Yeltsin Returns to Washington