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Monitor Archive for June 13, 1991

After `Miranda,' Suspects' Rights Don't End When Cuffs Snap On
British Ambassador Shakes Up South Africa
Algeria's Postponed Elections Dim Future of Democracy in Region
Rising Demand for Oil May Spell End of Iraq Embargo
Rain Pares Size of US Wheat Harvest
All Aboard for `Delta Cuisine'
Former KKK Leader Duke Attacks Affirmative Action
Brazilian Hopes for `Destiny' Fade
Barbed Wire, Bullets Mark Israeli Push in West Bank
`Monster' Size of Schools and Districts Overwhelms
Gleb Teryohin Sends Greetings and Thanks
Bay State Ends Fiscal Year With a Surplus
War Damage Leaves Trail of Hunger, Lack, Uncertainty
A Realistic Path to Mideast Arms Control
A TV Newswoman's Life Of Getting `the Story'
Liz Trotta on the Gulf War
Another View of the Racism Picture
News Currents
Superintendent Turnover
To the Class of 1991
The Parades Were Worth It
Lee Follows His Own Tough Act
East Europeans Look To West Democracies For `Trade Not Aid'
Title X Director Discusses Ban
Not in the Numbers!
Upheaval in Houston Ushers Out School Chief
UN Debates Continuation of Iraq Sanctions
Trials in Kuwait
TV Vital to New Baseball Teams
Hispanic and Black Parents Voice Educational Concerns