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Monitor Archive for February 8, 1991

King Hussein Accuses US Of Aim to Devastate Iraq
Soviet Behavior May Stall East-West Treaty
Bush Reforms Would Mean Fewer Banks
Egypt's Opposition Calls for Cease-fire and Troop Withdrawal
Too Hot for PBS?
In China, Time Is on the Side of Freedom
The Grip of Winter's Icy Silence
Treasury Department Proffers Blueprint for US Banking Reform
Epic as Sharp as a Samurai's Sword
Support for the Troops
Nuggets of Wisdom Kept by a Gentleman
Japan and US: Commerce and Competition
Do You Always Get What You Pray For?
Japan and US: Commerce and Competition
News Currents
`Once Around' Fails To Meet Need for Innovation
Heavy Bombing and Iranian Ploy
Popular President Shakes Up Taiwan's Authoritarian System
Exploring the World in Song
Restoring the Rich History of Black Baseball
Highlights of President's Banking-Reform Package
Fantasy Dodges History in `Assassins'
Saudi Signs Signal Ancient Past, Grim Reminders of Present
Looking to a Postwar Arab Order
Heroes' Morals and Heroic Acts
After the Storm
A Ground War
The First Post-Cold-War Budget
US and Iraq Wage War Of Words and Images
Three Shells Lobbed At No. 10 Downing Street
Impact Studies Rouse Debate
Mercenary Economy