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Monitor Archive for February 19, 1991

Applying `Just War' Standards to the Gulf
Gulf Coalition Forces Coiled And Confident
Leisure: A Reward Deferred Too Long?
Don't Bomb the Past
Help Is at Hand
Peace Activist Clark Visits Iraq, Criticizes US Bombing Strategy
Gorbachev Presents Peace Plan to Iraqis
News Currents
A Down-Home Humorist
Exxon Rejects Alaska's $1.2 Billion Proposal to Settle Oil-Spill Lawsuit
Civilian Losses Rouse Clergy Scorn
Rich Arabs Versus Poor
US Energy Policy Shows Lack of Political Will and Little Imagination
Japan's Checkbook War
Coalition Navies Prepare To Support Ground War
Egypt's Leftists Step Up Pressure for Peace Negotiations
UN to Assess Latest Peace Moves
Reading the Tracks We All Leave Behind
Life on South Africa's Margins
Forget the Greasepaint
Proposal Improves Iraq's Diplomatic Position but Leaves Coalition Skeptical
THE WORLD FROM...Johannesburg
Somalia Tries to Pick Up the Postwar Pieces
Are Wall Street Bulls Risking a Bad Fall?
Without A Country
At Least Bush Wrote It Himself
Palestinian Prospects Never Dimmer
Germany Faces Growing Deficit, Inflation Fears
Jordan's King Pays Political, Economic Price for Position