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Monitor Archive for December 18, 1991

Russians Claim Soviet Mantle On Baker Visit
North Korea's Nuclear Threat
The Light of Christ
State Election Keeps Nigeria on Road to Civilian Rule
Unique Los Angeles School Addresses Education Needs Of Homeless Children
Scientists Pursue Test-Tube-Life
Natural-Resource Losses Reduce Costa Rican GNP Gains
New Findings Hint A Younger Universe
UN Vote Ends Israel's Long Status as Outcast
Impact of 1988 Olympics Lingers in Capital City
Airport Will Be New Hub
A Christmas Victory Over Sawed-Off Dreams
Cities Try to Halt Crime By Paying People for Guns
Fixing the Right Economic Problems
An Angel for the Holidays
UN Military Observers Head into Yugoslav Morass
Global political roles for the US
South African Political Exiles Return to Warm Welcome But Uncertain Prospects
Is there life on other planets?
Europe Draws Closer
Japan Opens Research Doors, a Bit
Recall Pressure Mounts Against Alaska Governor
Economic and Environmental Concerns in Latin America
Seoul Seeks Its Own Voice After Years in the Shadow of War
First Reactions: the First Debate
Kooky Jugglers Toss Weird Objects as Well as Bad Puns
Soviet Subs - a Neglected Nuclear Time Bomb
Actors Theatre Opens 'Crucible'
An Important Date for S. Africa
Capital-Gains Tax Rises to a Boil in US Capital
Economic and Environmental Concerns in Latin America
Germany's Strong Stance Wins Out
Ambitious Subway Planned To Curb Auto Congestion
Somali Civilians Reach Across Ethnic Clan Lines
Speedy Reforms Urged for Egypt
News Currents
Long-Awaited Novel Flatly Fails to Deliver