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Monitor Archive for November 26, 1991

Salvadorans Hope for Peace by Christmas
new game-plans take shape in Washington
A Racially Polarized Electorate
The Family - Some Good News at Last
Why Deep Cuts in Nuclear Weapons Make Sense
Demographic Shifts Tax California; Cost of Services Expected to Climb
Looks vs. Value: Critics' Picks for Good and Bad Design
The Thanks We Give
Health-Care Reform
Why Bush Is Successful at Sustaining Vetoes
health secretary points to progress already made
Out-of-Court Mediation Takes Off
What the Pennsylvania Results Meant
The Thanksgiving Easter Egg
A Proclamation
Guatemalan War Picks Up As Negotiations Stall
Sandinista Leader Struggles for Influence in Nicaragua
Student Creators Tackle Poor Design
What the Pennsylvania Results Meant
Legal Combat in the US Capital
News Currents
New Turkish Premier Signals End of Era
How Scandals Corrode US Politics
The Yugoslavia Test
French Far Right Gains Ground After Anti-Immigrant Bid
Ethics of Hounds and Hares
What the Pennsylvania Results Meant
Jordan Takes Conservative Turn
A Bogus Issue
Pressures Rise in Cozy Washington State Community
Predicting the Future Of Product Design
Spiritual Literacy
Serbia Pursues Takeover of Yugoslav Regime